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Name: Extraterrestrial Exterminaton

Story(?): You are a retired army veteran. Suddenly, aliens invade Planet Earth in their UFOs. You are given a tank and a shit load of ammunition. Do with it as you will.

Gameplay: Drive around in a tank, shoot UFOs and maybe a couple houses.



  1. Walks on land
  2. Shoots at enemies
  3. Limited health and ammo
  4. Medium speed


  1. Land mobility
  2. Can fire rockets
  3. Slow


  1. Start with a tank and go through a level or 2 with it
  2. Upgrade probably?
  3. Eventually the tank is destroyed and you are forced to go on foot but unable to destroy UFO's and you are to be inside places killing aliens.
  4. You find a helicopter and use it to fly into the mothership and kill the Queen, ending the game

Scrapped Ideas

  1. Helicopter Levels
  2. Jets
  3. Reinforcements


publicalpha.exe (5 MB)

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